Monday, November 22, 2010

Now a qualified English Teacher!

This blog and the internet never cease to amaze me.  Since I've been back in the UK everyone seems to have heard about my American cycling trip, through either this blog, facebook, or even the old fashioned newspaper.  I've had messages from a whole host of people, ranging from my child minder from when I was 2, ex-colleagues and even an old friend who told me that I'm an inspiration to their life, and have convinced them to quit their bar job!  I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but it brightened up my day.  The blog's been a great tool for showing people what went on in America and also, and probably most importantly, helping me to achieve my fundraising target of £1,000 for Muscular Dystrophy.  I think I've developed a fairly nice "online persona," or whatever the jargon is, so thought I might aswell keep this updated, the obvious reach of the internet makes it a great way to keep people informed of what's going on, and if they want to join in in whatever adventures I'm trying to plan in the future!

Last night with fellow CELTA people
So, I've just completed a 4 week intensive CELTA course, which now makes me a teacher, of sorts.  CELTA is administered by Cambridge University and stands for "Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults,"  It's one of the most recognised English teaching qualifications in the world, although lots of people refer to TEFL, which isn't an actual qualification.  As I said, the course is intensive, but for a reason.  Despite having taught for more or less 2 years, the amount that I knew, or rather didn't know, was incredible, and the course definitely does what it says on the tin, teaches you how to teach.  Most people on the course were also in similar situations to myself, either having travelled or wanting to travel.  The course is a great way to do this, its worldwide recognition makes getting a job in your dream exotic location much easier than without one.  Being with similar minded people was really refreshing too, all interested in similar things, and all doing the course for more or less the same reason, to see the world, speak a new language, meet new people...make the most of life.  The continual lesson planning and assignment writing was made much more bearable having conversations about where we were all heading afterwards, if ever there was an example of working towards a collective goal, this was it!

There aren't too many places to do the course, I presume that's how they keep tabs on the quality of it, but there are centres in most countries and as it's administered by Cambridge, there are obviously more centres in the UK, than in other places, so if you're thinking of travelling the world, want to work in various places to fund that and are open to the idea of teaching, have a look at this to find out where you can do it.  I highly recommend it.

Colombian Paradise
I've just been on a "couch surfing" holiday to London, staying with a different friend every night for a week, which is a great way to catch up with people you haven't seen for a few years.  I'm now looking for whatever form of menial seasonal labour in the run up to the festive period, and at the same time, planning my return to Colombia in 7 weeks after spending a Christmas and New Year at home in Manchester .  I hope to use my CELTA and teach English again in Cali, although with more authority and knowledge this time round, but it's proving hard sorting jobs out with Colombians by email!  If any of you read this and want to employ me, get in touch!